3D Dental Video

It was the second 3D animation about medical equipment for the same client and described the advantages of a basal implant , in which our client used such implants for most of his surgeries. The video is an experiment to expand the audience and test some technical terms, after creating the main keywords videos. We needed the only model and a simple infographic, without any complicated scenes, so we spent only four working days on the project.

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  • Complexity:
    29 WM/SEC
  • Duration:
    45 SEC
  • Work hours:
    22 WH
  • Work days:
Supposed Price
  • Turn on JS to see the cost.
  • Turn on JS to see the cost.

The current price represents more complexity of the 3D animation than this example because of the constantly increasing software and hardware advances.

Breakdown of
the 3D Dental Video


After the previous videos for all major client offers, it was time to work out the secondary keywords. The goal was the authority and expertise of the clinic's website domain. If a regular medical 3D animation told clients about services, here we emphasized only the sides of the product. We considered the implant's specifications and distinctive features. Transparency increases the trust level and expands the audience range to sophisticated clients who like to make decisions on their own . Also, we stepped aside from the gray mess of offers based only on the epithets like "quality, fast and cheap." Of course, not all of the clients can make a rational decision, but they are able to see and appreciate a sincere attempt to share the truth.

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Writing a Copy for Voiceover

Sometimes our clients send us almost ready-made text for voiceover. This happens if they try to save project time or reduce the final cost. Here was one of the same cases where we didn't did not participate in the creation of text. The text stage takes up nearly 10% of the project, though it affects each small piece without exception. It's vital to create text considering the further steps and this is hard to do with no experience in scripting for 3D animation.

The voiceover's text

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Design & Optimization


The 3D video was a brief description of the technical characteristics of the implant . We showed it by using extreme close-up shots and highlighting important areas, which affected the installation process as well as the patient's feelings.

To emphasize this we used a 3D grid and 2D motion graphics. It was necessary to take into account muted viewing of the video so we duplicated the voiceover text as subtitles.


  • Turquoise for the grid.
  • Coral for batteries.
  • Dark-gray for text.
  • Gradient from white to light-gray for background.
Palette for 3D animation about medical equipment


  • Ground thread's surface.
  • Sections of coils with traces of a milling cutter.
  • The ground surface with cutter marks.
Materials for 3D animation about medical equipment


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Modeling and Texturing

We had the only model in the scene, and made it ready for extreme close-up shots to see the factory marks. 3D renders get more realistic when they aren't ideal, unlike photos, moreover if they have defects, dust, dirt, scratches, chromatic aberration, and other traces of amateur attempts to capture the scene by a cheap camera. This video was about medical equipment, and it had to be clean and aseptic.

  • The implant's model for 3D animation about medical equipment.
  • The implant's model for 3D animation about medical equipment.

Succesfully Finished

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