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Collection of our works

Our studio has journeyed through three pivotal evolutionary phases, granting us deep insights into various animation styles. This expertise empowers us to seamlessly merge them when required. While our current portfolio doesn't showcase all our creations, it does highlight foundational works that paved our transformation from 2D animation to intricate 3D character animation.

We prioritize understanding and aligning with our clients' capabilities. The pieces you discover here are testament to the confluence of a client's budget, practicality, and time constraints. Nevertheless, our potential to innovate and deliver is boundless.

3D animation - work m./sec
3D characters - work. h./unit

For 3D animation, it represents the complexity and creativity of each second of the video on average. For 3D characters and avatars, it's the time spent on one completed character.


The duration of the completed video in seconds or just a part which we worked on.

Work Hours

The number of all effective working hours spent on creating an animation or character. It represents effective person-hours.

Work Days

It represents the effective working hours amount in days. It doesn't include the conversation and checking the project steps.

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