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3D animation about services

These are the 3D videos designed for services companies that have tangible work results. Your ideal client is someone who wants to do something that is impossible without expensive equipment or learning how to use it, but it’s impractical for him to buy it for one day.

The 3D animation about services reveals your ability to work out the client’s task: work process organization, used equipment, and skills of your company specialists. The target audience might be as an individual as a company that needs contractors.

The video is useful for building and renovation companies, at least. It shows your skill level and aligns the client’s expectations with your abilities.

The nearest example:

  • 3D animation about construction equipment poster

    3D animation about construction equipment

      51 wm/sec.       163 sec/2:43       139 wh       23 wd


    • FOR
      Companies in the service sector are aimed at physical objects.

    • ACCENT
      Service and equipment are used

      End-users and contracts.

      Preliminary evaluation of the result before ordering service or some equipment.

      1 to 3 minute video.

      • Website.
      • Advertising on YouTube.
      • Context advertising.
      • Social networks.

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