Medical 3D animation

The medical 3D animation is used to show the process of the complicated surgery or to explain a new technology for example prosthetics and bionics. Although the hero in the scene is an imaginary living being, the only dental clinic’s service is emphasized. The realism of procedures could be decreased to a necessary minimum in order to avoid shocking the impressionable part of viewers.

The dental clinics use the 3D animation to allay their clients’ fear about previously complicated and painful procedures. The surgeons and rehabilitation specialists show their methods for recovering after injuries. Also, this includes bionics, its principles of interaction with the body, and how well the prosthesis replaces the function of the lost limb.

The medical video deals with patients’ concerns and reveals your benefits. It makes a base of trust in you before the first contact with the clinic.

The nearest example:

  • The 3D animation for the dental clinic poster

    3D animation for the dental clinic

      171 WM/SEC       0:56       160 WH       27 WD
  • Medical 3D video poster.

    Medical 3D video

      76 WM/SEC       0:58       73 WH       13 WD
  • 3D animation about the surgery

      55 WH/SEC       1:10       65 WH       11 WD
  • 3D animation about medical equipment poster

    3D animation about medical equipment

      29 WM/SEC       0:45       22 WH       4 WD


  • FOR
    Medical centers, dentistry, bionics and prosthetics engineers, doctors, and method authors.

  • Accent
    Service or medical device.

    Potential patients.

    Client's trust and sense of security.

    1 to 3 minute video.

    • Website.
    • Advertising on YouTube.
    • Context advertising.
    • Social networks.
    • Screens at the reception.

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