Engineering 3D animation

The engineering 3D animation is used for technical complex equipment. The target audience is organizations that want to know every detail about their potentially purchased product.

Devices or equipment in the video can be a part of a complex or independent product. The 3D animation mixes with comparison graphs, principal schemes, and specifications, getting rational arguments for the industry professionals. The engineering 3D animation allows your potential clients to see the working mechanisms from inside and understand them as well as your engineer.

The nearest example:

  • 3D animation about construction equipment poster

    3D animation about construction equipment

      51 wm/sec.       163 sec/2:43       139 wh       23 wd
  • 3D animation about medical equipment poster

    3D animation about medical equipment

      29 WM/SEC       0:45       22 WH       4 WD


  • FOR
    Industrial and military-technical plants, their distributors.

    Complex technical equipment, robotics.

    Specialists of a technical enterprise, state.

    Conciseness and clarity.

    Up to 10 minute video.

    • Website.
    • Exhibitions.
    • Presentations.
    • Manufacturer's portfolio.

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