3D animation about products

The product’s 3D animation shows the specifications of serially produced devices. Your product is made to solve certain clients’ tasks and its capability will get clear during the video which we’ll have created.

Building equipment, smartphones, PC devices - everything fits and even more. The 3D animation scene recreates the line of situations which shows the specifications and abilities of a device. This kind of project is based on comparisons, infographics, and counting the product’s unique characteristics to the needs of your target audience . The video stimulates potential client’s interest - in your product.

The nearest example:

  • 3d animation for board games poster

    3D animation for board games

      103 WM/SEC       1:50       189 WH       32 WD
  • 3D animation about construction equipment poster

    3D animation about construction equipment

      51 wm/sec.       163 sec/2:43       139 wh       23 wd
  • 3D animation about medical equipment poster

    3D animation about medical equipment

      29 WM/SEC       0:45       22 WH       4 WD


  • FOR
    Factories and specialized distribution chains.

    Technique, equipment, and products.

    End-user or dealer.

    Reduced time to deal.

    From 45 second to 3 minute video.

    • Website.
    • Industry exhibitions.
    • Presentations.
    • Advertising on YouTube.
    • Context advertising.
    • LED panels.

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